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If you are a performer looking to record great quality showreel tracks to help you land gigs – musical theatre performers, cover artists, that sort of thing – or a singer song-writer looking to quickly note down a few tracks, this is the option to go for. It would typically be a piano/vocal or guitar/vocal recording with you providing the performances or performers. You’ll all be free to experiment with any of the musical instruments, equipment, or software in the studio.
The hourly rate is recommended for the well prepared performer; I can work fast, so if you can reel off tracks you can get a great deal.


If you are a singer-songwriter or vocalist-lyricist with tracks already co-written, and you want your “bare-bones” music fleshed out to a full arrangement to pitch to labels, publishers, promoters etc. then choose this option. I’ll provide all of the instruments, equipment and software needed to flesh out most genres, as well as lending an experienced production ear and sessioning (electric and acoustic guitars, and bass), programming, arranging and rough-mixing as required. Genre wise I am very experienced in all types of Rock (e.g. Pop, Alternative, Art, Metal) and Acoustic (e.g. folk, singer-songwriter, pop), and given a good amount of reference material I feel I would be able confidently engaging with most genres.

Again, the hourly rate is recommended for the well prepared performer; I can also work pretty fast in the production/arrangement/performance process, so if you can reel off the basic tracks, and have a good set of ideas about arrangement and desired instruments for us to work with, you can get a great deal.






See “Recording Hourly”.

The Per Track Rate gives better value to clients who have more ambitious arrangements to record, such as those including many vocal harmonies, percussion, layered guitars etc.


See “Production Hourly”.

The Per Track rate gives better value to clients who have more ambitious ideas for their arrangements and are keen on a lot of experimentation and revision to achieve the desired sound.





Project (3 or more tracks) rates are negotiable for Production orientated projects. Considering my creative involvement, the longevity and efficiency of the working relationship, and the demands of the project, I am open to negotiating reduced rates for longer production collaborations; an EP or Album for example. If you’re interested in collaborating on a bigger project, don’t hesitate to contact me directly to discuss it.




Demo Mixing

For a small fee extra, I can spend some time after the session cleaning up tracks, general levelling, adding effects and automation, getting the sound you’re track up to a high demo standard, certainly good enough for pitching to the industry and would also work as a great quality b-side.

Stem Release Fee

If you have a mixing engineer in mind or who you work with regularly, or want to do it yourself, then I can prepare and transfer full stems for the track. This would include multiple stems for any software drums so the can be mixed as though they were the real thing.